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Durable and extremely light sunglasses 28gr 0.7oz.
Polarized lenses made of an extremely strong material without fragments with the strictest AS / NZS1067: 2003 standard and UV400 filtration level.
Blue-red color coating.
Flexible and durable arms and body.
Grip points made of silicone material that improve grip with effort and sweat.
X-Tac lenses with Australian standard AS / NZS1067: 2003 The strictest in the world and with UVA UVB UVC filtering level
With each pair of sunglasses comes 2 more pairs of lenses - X-Tac lenses with a CAT-3 dark grade and mirror coating, a pair of brown lenses with a Dark Dark CAT-3 dark level.
- Optical lenses can be ordered separately in the range 2.00- 6.00 +/-
Running Sunglasses, Riding Sunglasses, Sports Sunglasses, Sports Sunglasses, Light Sunglasses, Extreme Sports, Sports Sun, Sun, Protective Sunglasses


SKU: 0010
₪525.00 Regular Price
₪299.00Sale Price
  • Sports sunglasses - running glasses, cycling glasses, resistant to all types of sports,
    Especially suitable for extreme sports.
    Flexible arms and improved grip points. Special price on the website

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